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Missed Calls Directory

I am implementing Call Manager 3.2 for a government entity. The customer has requested that certain phones in common areas not have access to the missed calls directory and placed calls directory. Is there a way to delete the appearance of these directories on individual telephones?


Re: Missed Calls Directory

The easiest way to do this is to go to the phone properties and change the Directory URL under the heading of Cisco IP Phone External Data Location. The defaults for this are under System > Enterprise Data. On those specific phones, just send that to a URL that doesn't exist.

If you are willing to spend more time on it, modify the xmldirectory.asp page to remove the reference to missed/placed calls and call it xmldirectory2.asp. Then point the URL under the phone to xmldirectory2.asp.


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Re: Missed Calls Directory

Editing the xmldirectory.asp or changing the URL will not stop the first 3 choices under ""directories button" from showing. It seems that those first three options are hard coded into the phone's firmware...

1 Missed Calls

2 Received Calls

3 Placed Calls

I have gone as far as requesting a special phoneload from TAC to prevent access to these directories. Answer is it works as designed and requests for changes need to go to "new product enhancement" though I don't know who to contact.

I'm also interested if anyone has found a way to block this feature. Seems to be quite a privacy issue as anyone can see your placed / received calls if you happen to use a phone in a non-private area.


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Re: Missed Calls Directory

I received the same response from TAC. The customer has requested a new product enhancement through their Cisco SE. Thanks for the information.


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