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Missing a Step in CCM 3.3 Install

I setup the drives to be mirrored (RAID 1). I inserted the Hardware Detection CD and booted with that CD. I get to a Cisco AVVID screen and it does not get any further. I am installing this on a DL380, which I did a complete system erase on. Could someone tell me what steps I am missing?


Re: Missing a Step in CCM 3.3 Install

Does your server match the specifications at exactly?

You shouldnt have to do any configuration of the RAID, the OS install CD's will take care of it for you.

Try pressing the Esc key while the splashscreen is up, it should remove the splashscreen and show you what is going on behind the scenes. You might see an error here.

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Re: Missing a Step in CCM 3.3 Install

I took your advice and hit esc at the Cisco AVVID screen. It loads a bunch of files and then it sits there are the screen following the files it copied. It then does not move from that point. Does anyone think this is a hardware problem? Could this be bad media? Any suggestions would be helpful.

The screen it is getting stuck on is Running Hardware Detection...

System ID CPQ0727

Re: Missing a Step in CCM 3.3 Install

Not so much a hardware problem, more a hardware incompatability. The spec needs to be pretty much identical to that listed on CCO, using the link alredy supplied in an earlier reply.

If it doesn't match then you will not get the installation disks to work.


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Re: Missing a Step in CCM 3.3 Install

HP DL380-G3 Xeon 2400 with 1 gig of memory. The server matches identical with what is listed on CCO. Has anyone else heard of this happening?

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