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missing ccm 5.0 developer documentation?

Has anybody managed to get the following guides:

# Cisco CallManager Developers Guide for Release 5.0(1) New!

# Cisco IP Phone Service Application Development Notes for CallManager 5.0(1) New!

No matter which browser I try, I end up at the page I came from.


Re: missing ccm 5.0 developer documentation?

Do you mean from the programming reference guides page?

They work fine for me (in firefox). You may need javascript enabled though, as those links aren't HTML links but javascript functions that open the pages (do a view source on the programming reference page and you'll see what I mean).

The pages also open in a new window, not sure if that's a problem (no popup blocking software interfering?)

Re: missing ccm 5.0 developer documentation?

you should know me better than to get stuck with such trivial problems ;)

But I think I know the reason for the problem now.. it's the darned proxy I need when working from home. The page I was getting was an old one with CCM 5.0.1 guides.. now there's 5.2 guides and those I can get to show up.


Re: missing ccm 5.0 developer documentation?


Ah, proxy problems! Thanks for letting us know what the problem is. It's funny that sometimes what you see isn't really what's there; proxies and caching :P

And I was wrong about the links being javascript rather than regular links - the javascript was for something else... the links to the documentation are regular anchors/links after all. I guess I should pay more attention :)

Re: missing ccm 5.0 developer documentation?

Some 5.01 guides are still up. Have you spotted the JTAPI 5.02 guide in PDF form yet? The 5.02 page has no PDF and the PDF link in the left frame goes to a document that has 5.01 in the title.

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