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Missing File: PTAG.DAT

When trying to create an atadefault.cfg file, I noticed the ptag.dat file is missing from all SCCP/MGCP bundles. The ptag.dat file can be retrieved from the SIP/H323 bundle in order to create the necessary binary file.


Re: Missing File: PTAG.DAT

Create a default file, using the sk_example.txt found in the software-release zip file. If you do not have this file, you can create it using the information included in the document given below.

Creating a Configuration File for a Specific Cisco ATA

With the procedure given in the document, you should be able to create the atadefault file. If it gives an error, that the ptag.dat file is not found, it can be found in MGCP. Search for mgcp_ptag.dat . Then rename it to ptag.dat and proceed.

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Re: Missing File: PTAG.DAT

I wish you were right, but there are a couple of parameters that the mgcp_ptag.dat doesn't recognize such as AltTftpURL. Thanks.


Re: Missing File: PTAG.DAT

You are correct. There are two parameters that my example profile for Cisco ATA (SCCP) 2.16 release did not like. They were AltTftpURL and TOS.

My solution was to just put a hash (#) at the beginning of each of the offending lines to comment it out. I also preceded each of those lines with another hashed comment line explaining why I did what I did, so I would remember later on.

The formatting tool ran fine for me after that. The ATA 186 is currently deployed as emulating two 7960 IP Phones, with one line per "phone" under CallManager 3.0(12). Each phone port is connected to its own distinctive external ringer in the maintenance garage at a local school district; each shares a directory number with one of the two lines on the 7940 in the garage office. It works great.

The hardest part for me was figuring out how to set ConnectMode. Once I enabled 7960 emulation for my older version of CallManager, the ATA auto-registered fine.

Remember, if the settings I commented out are important to your configuration, you can always go back later to set those items via http/web browser, or use the IVR access codes.

Hope this helps.

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