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Missing Redirect number from ISDN produces @ in transfur to unity


I have raised a case regarding redirected calls and have discovered from some ISDN exchanges (AXE10) to callmanager the Q931setup is not supplying the redirect number ,not a problem in itself but if the call is then sent to unity , @ is used in the dialed and forwarding number and hence goes to the openning message ,has anybody seen is problem before ,is it related to the bug ref CSCdv66602 and more importantly has anyone found a workarround/fix ?


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Re: Missing Redirect number from ISDN produces @ in transfur to

Unity's decision as to what the forwarding number is going to be is pretty simple. From the skinny message called "stationcallinfo", that's passed at the onset of an incoming call, Unity will check to see if the "orginalCalledVoiceMailbox" field is present. If it is, that is used as the "forwarding" number. If that field is not present, the Unity will use the "originalCalledParty" as the "forwarding" number. That logic in the TSP is hard-coded, and I'd imagine that one of those fields previously mentioned contained the "@".

Unity doesn't have any control over what gets into those fields, so I'm not sure there is going to be a workaround in Unity.

Can you provide a detailed call-flow example describing how the call was presented to Unity?

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