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Missing Ring Types

How can I replace more than the standard Chirp 1 & 2 ring types? I've looked at the Ringlist file and it has more than two listed - but only two show up under settings Ring Type. Admin Guide shows about coustoms rings but not about how use the file thats already there. IF a user had selected a ring type other than Chirp 1 & 2 they still have that ring type availble to them, but no menu selection to change to another ring type. Running Call Manger 3.2.2C,



Re: Missing Ring Types

It should be there by default, try to stop/start tftp server...

or try this workaround...

CSCdw93219 Bug Details

Ring list precieved as chirp 1 and 2 (partial file send)

When upgrading from Cisco Call Manager 3.1 (x) to Cisco Call Manager 3.2(1)

in the 79xx phones, under settings->Ring types, the only remaining rings are

chirp1 and chirp2 even if in the TFTP path all the ring files exist.

Here is a workaround for this problem:

Go to callmanager admin web page, click on services and select cisco tftp.

Select the TFTP server and click on "Advanced" button. You will see a service

parameter regarding caching of files. Set this parameter to false and now

retry the same tftp command for ringlist.xml.

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Re: Missing Ring Types

Tired both options with no luck.


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Re: Missing Ring Types

use Perf mon to check your CPU and TFTP threads on the Publisher,

if they are saturated you will only get chirp 1, chirp 2

(check task manager to see who is hogging the cpu cycles - hostdll.exe ?)

to test this, stop and start the TFTP service on the Publisher

should see the saturated threads drop (all ring types back), but will steadily increase until saturated again.

I was running 3.2(2C) SPE - installed Service F and it resolved the issue - bug in CCM that (SQL) hostdll.exe causes high cpu utilization - resolved ny SP-F


Re: Missing Ring Types

out of curiosity what type of phones have you got? if you only have 7910's then the 2 rings are all you get.

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Re: Missing Ring Types

7960's, i've tried the previous suggestions, but none worked.


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