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Mobile Connect

I had started this in a different thread, but want to come back to it here.

I am running CUCM 6 and using mobile connect. Everything works except if I try to barge into an extended call. I get a message saying "No Conference Bridge".

As a test, I added a cBarge key to my phone. This does work, however, when I barge the call, all of my devices start ringing again with another call. Quite odd.

I saw another post that stated you have to disconnect the remote call and then pick it up while it's in (what I like to call a) transient hold state before it disconnects from the primary line. This does work, but it causes a significant interruption in the call.

I looked at the CCM logs and can see some failures around media resources and the built in bridge. I have attached some of that log.

Has anyone gotten the Barge feature to work? Any thoughts on this issue? I'd rather attempt to solve it here than take it to TAC!



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