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MobileConnect Internal Call Transformation

I've got Mobile Connect configured to send calls through to cell phones, however internal calls to a RD are still being masked as the DN's External Mask. How can I set up the transformations so that internal calls (only to the RD) are transformed into a full direct number?


Cisco Employee

Re: MobileConnect Internal Call Transformation

Hi Robert,

If a calling party transformation is being applied on the gateway config page, then it is going to override previously applied calling party transformations.

For Mobile Connect settings, you can use the Calling Party Transformation CSS on the RDP config page to modify the calling party.

For example, if 1000 needs to be show up as 9193921000 on the cell phone,

- Create new Partition (say, SNR_PT)
- Create new CSS (say, SNR_CSS) and add SNR_PT)
- Call Routing > Transformation Pattern - add 1000 in SNR_PT and calling party transformation to be 919392XXXX
(you can use wildcards to do bulk calling party transformations)
- Configure 'Calling party transformation CSS' on the RDP to be SNR_CSS
- Configure Rerouting CSS on the RDP to route the call correctly to the cell phone

So, if 1000 calls 1001 (RDP), the RD being called should display calling number as9193921000, provided the calling party doesn't get modified on the RP/RL/Gateway/PSTN.

If this doesn't help you out, please detail out your scenario and what exactly you want to see.

Community Member

Re: MobileConnect Internal Call Transformation

That is exactly what I want to happen. I must be having problems with the transformation pattern. I have extensions listed as 0011 through 0055. They all have an external mask of 555-555-0010.

When I create my calling party transform pattern, I have the pattern set to 00XX, and the transformation pattern set to 555555XXXX. Yet the external mask is still being applied when the RD rings.

Community Member

Hey Sriram, it's been a long

Hey Sriram, it's been a long time since this post, but, I'm having the same issue and have some questions too.


For creating the CSS, if I copy the CSS that I'm currently on, but add the new partition to it, is that good, or bad?

I did the steps outlined above, and at that point when calling my desk number 5010, I somehow didn't match our normal prefix of 123-456-5010 (example), but started getting the caller ID masked as the company's main phone number.  So things were looking OK to a point.  I'm just not sure where in this that I could have gone wrong.


I follow you on the RDP settings too, setting the new Calling party transformation CSS, but when you said "configure Rerouting CSS on the RDP to route the call correctly to the cell phone", I'm not sure what you mean.

Thanks for any help you have,


Community Member

It looks like I muddled

It looks like I muddled through it.  I'd say it works perfectly, but really, it works only for mobility. Hard forwarded calls aren't working properly. We only get 4-digits if internal callers call my phone and it's forwarded to my cell.  But, if I use mobility, the transformation pattern works.  I think that's because when the system was set up, all masking was being done on the route lists.  So to fix that, I think we'd have to rework all of that.


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