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MobilityManager Question

I've installed and configured MobilityManager 1.1.2 with CallManager 4.1(3). When the desk phone receives a phone call, the configured mobile phone rings at the same time without any problem.

The problem occurs when I pick up the call with the mobile phone. The call automatically drops within few seconds and the phone which made the call is still active but not connected to anywhere else.

Note: When the call is picked up with mobile phone, the ring on the desk phone stops which should be the right action.

I read all the MobilityManager documents and configured exactly how document specified.

Does anyone have suggestion to what the problem is?

Equipments used are:

H.323 Gateway with BRI

CallManager 4.1(3)

MobilityManager 1.1(2)

Cisco IP Phone 7940

Vendor Mobile Phone

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Re: MobilityManager Question

I think this is due to a signaling bug, try waiting 2 seconds more, and you will see that you can pick up the call.

By the way, did you have any problems concerning the VXML part?

My experience was, that the IVRMainpage.VXML was not built correctly, the ip address was not set to the ip address of the Mobility Manager, if you go to the system (via ssh) and browse to IVRMainpage.vxml document, and you edit it, you will have streaming media for the IVR portion of Mobility Manager.

Also it is wise to make sure your DNS is working correctly for the pickup service, (the phone service is looking for the hostname).

Hope this will help,

Erik Goppel

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Re: MobilityManager Question

This problem is probably due to bug ID CSCef81967.

The way to solve this is to get root access to the and turn off the JTAPI tracing editing the /usr/local/snr/jar/jtapi.ini and set the DEBUG parameter to 0. Then restart the CMM service.

The bad news is that the only way to get root access to the internal folder is using the CLI to create a remote account and then send the passphrase generated to the TAC in order to receive the password for root access using this account.

Hope this helps

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Re: MobilityManager Question

Did you ever get this resolved, I am having the exact same issue.

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