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MOH choppy via cell phones?

Our CEO recently called here complaining that the music on hold was choppy and generally sounded horrible.

I called and was put on hold from my cell phone, and sure enough the MOH was horrible.

So, I performed a bunch of tests, and 24 of 24 calls from landlines all sounded crystal clear, while 18 of 24 calls from cell phones sounded choppy.

Is there anything we can do within the Cisco MOH system to make the calls from cell phones more acceptable? Is it likely just the music we have chosen that could be causing this? (ie volume, sample rate etc?)


Re: MOH choppy via cell phones?

If the MOH is crystal clear from an external landline then the cell network is the main problem. All cell networks use compression, and some increase compression with congestion, meaning the busier the network the worse the call quality. This asssumes your MOH stream to the gateway is G711, not G729. You might check to be sure you have VAD disabled as this will degrade quality slightly, but should show up with speech more than music.

It sounds like the CEO has unreasonable expectations for cell phone quality.

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