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MOH does not work on PSTN


I have a wird problem.

I configured MOH server and uploaded some MOH files, which are from MOH CD.

When I try to hold someone localy it work fine.

Whne I try to hold someone who is calling me through h323 gateway and I hold him, the caller does not hear the music.

h323 geteway is 2621 with 2xE1 ports and 12.2.11T software.

How can I solve the problem?

Best regards,

Aleksander Kocelj


Re: MOH does not work on PSTN

If Media Resource groups are being used, ensure that the MoH server is part of the Media Resource Group, and that the Group belongs to a Media Resource List. Also, check that your IP Phone belongs to the Media Resource List.

If, after verifying the MoH configuration as described in Music On Hold Configuration Checklist ( ), there is still no MoH delivered to PSTN callers, then you may be encountering the following DDTS: CSCdv43814. As a workaround, check the MTP required check box on the Gateway configuration page and reset the Gateway.

Community Member

Re: MOH does not work on PSTN

this might be a codec translation issue at the gateway router. i tried using the MTP check but then the phones do not go on hold at all. the best way I could manage is have a voice-class codec defined with voice codes in preferences for g711 aluw, ulaw & g729. apply this codec class to voip leg & that shud resolve your issue.

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