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MOH External Audio Source

I now have 3 conflicting pieces of information regarding external audio sources/sounds cards. I am looking for some help trying to figure out which is accurate.

We have a Cisco 7835 Call Manager (I think its a MCS-7835H-2.4) that we are trying to get a sound card for so that we can use MUZAK for our MOH. Previously I was informed that there are no supported sound cards for any servers. Now I am getting 3 different responses.

1. From TAC - "There are still no supported Sound Cards."

2. From Cisco's Web Site ( - "Cisco has tested the Sound Blaster PCI 16 sound card and recommends it for use with the Cisco MCS 7835."

In another article it states that the AOpen AW-840 PCI Sound Card is the specific supported one.

3. According to an article given to me from our local Cisco Rep printer by Cisco - "Sound Support for (a long list of servers including the one we have) can be provided using Telex Communications P-800 USB Digital Audio Converter."

I am just hoping that someone can shed some light as to whether any of this information is true or not.


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Re: MOH External Audio Source

Hi Matt,

To help clear things up, if suppport is going to be given it would have to be given on a server by server basis, as the hardware would have to be tested on one platform, and there would be platforms tested and other platforms not tested.

I personally haven't heard of any specific sound card being santioned, and I just did a quick search and didn't come up with any specifics mentioned.

I did a search specifically for AOpen and didn't come across anything mentioning AOpen in the context of sound cards.

I don't think TAC will deny you support because you have "such and such" sound card installed, but (you probably know this) the Sound Blaster 16bit is sort of the "benchmark" sound card, and anything that supports the features of the SB16 would probably be sufficient. The audio signal is going to be degraded anyway to fit the IP telephony standards, so quality of sound cards-- as long as it doesn't crash the machine. -- is not a hot topic.

John Olavesen

Cisco Systems

New Member

Re: MOH External Audio Source

I have implemented the Telex USB audio device on the MCS-7835H-2.4 and it works great! You need to have OS 2.5 loaded, so the drivers will load automatically when you plug in the Telex device. A SB16 card will not work in this server because all the slots are PCI-X slots that only support those type of cards. Hope this helps.

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Re: MOH External Audio Source

This is the type of information I was looking for! Have one of these on order, hopefully it will work. Thanks for the info.


Re: MOH External Audio Source

Does the Telex Communications P-800 USB Digital Audio Converter work with non "H" flavor MCS servers. I have an MCS7835 (not the newer H version). Am I ok going with the Telex as long as I have OS 2.5?


Re: MOH External Audio Source

Nevermind, I found my answer in the OS 2.5 Release Notes:

Support for the Telex P-800 USB sound device to support music from an external source for the Music on Hold feature in Cisco CallManager on the MCS-7825H-2.2-EVV1, MCS-7835H-2.4-EVV1, MCS-7835I-2.4-EVV1 MCS-7845H-2.4-EVV1 and MCS-7835-1266 platforms

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