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MOH Fixed Audio Source Configuration CCM 4.1


Can anyone help me with the configuration of MOH Fixed Audio Source?

I want to have as MoH a radio brodcasting conected in CCM in LINE-IN (sound card).

I have in Control Panel, Sound and Multimedia Properties, Audio Tab, Sound Recording Preferred devices: Emu10Kx Audio [3400] .

I have to put the exact name in MOH Audio Source Configuration web page, at FIxed Audio source. But here I'm not allowed to use [ ].

How can I configure MoH to use the Radio connected in Line-In ?

Thank you a lot,



Re: MOH Fixed Audio Source Configuration CCM 4.1

The Cisco supported card is :

? Griffin Technologies iMic USB

A USB sound device supported in Cisco CallManager Release 3.3(5) and later, with Microsoft Windows 2000 (OS 2000 version 2.7 or later). This device is supported on all Cisco MCS-78xxH or MCS-78xxI servers with 3.0 GHz or greater processor.

Here are the instructions on how to set Fixed Audio Source up :

"Configuring the Music On Hold Fixed Audio Source"

* - On the MOH configuration page, for 'MOH Fixed Audio Source Device' enter the name of

the soundcard that you installed. This name must be entered exactly as found in the

'Sounds and Multimedia Properties' window in the control panel. The name is also case




Re: MOH Fixed Audio Source Configuration CCM 4.1

Also you can buy this from Cisco VAR or Distribution using the following part number.




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Re: MOH Fixed Audio Source Configuration CCM 4.1

Hi all,

I just purchased the iMIC from Griffin Techonologies and I am looking to setup MOH Fixed Audio Source in CallManager. And here are some of the questions that I have.

- is there a reboot required when installing the iMIC on CallManager server ?

- I have a cluster of 4 servers (1 Pub, 2 primary Subs and 1 backup Sub). Which server should I install the iMIC on ?

- Does the music stream get distributed across the cluster ? for example: if I install the iMIC on Subscriber1, will phones registered on Subscriber2 get the music stream from iMIC installed on Subscriber1 ?

thanks very much !!!


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Re: MOH Fixed Audio Source Configuration CCM 4.1

I configured a live feed as moh for a customer once. I used the imic by griffin. Worked great. Configure the fix audio port name as it appears in device manager.

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Re: MOH Fixed Audio Source Configuration CCM 4.1

Thank you all,

Maybe I didn't expres myself correctly: I don't use an imic from Griffin,I use a normal sound card (SoundBlaster). In LINE-IN port of this sound card, I have connected a normal radio. I have tested the sound card and is working fine.(drivers,..etc).

My problem is that I can't use the right name of the audio port (as appears in Sound and Audio Device Properties, Audio Tab-> Sound Recording) because of it's name: Emu10Kx Audio [3400] .

As you can see it contains the caracters "[" and "]" which I'm not allowed to use in MOH Fixed Audio Source Device (CCM MoH web page configuration).

I thought that someone knows a trick or something:) ...

The only thing that I haven't tried is to change the Sound Card with another card that has a normal name:) without brackets:).

I'll let you know,


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Re: MOH Fixed Audio Source Configuration CCM 4.1

Hi Bogdan

I have a feeling that the points made earlier were along the lines that the sound card you are using (SoundBlaste wasn't it?) is not supported. The Griffin sound card mentioned is the one that is supported by the MCS platforms for use with CCM. Remember, CCM is not running on a standard WIn2K platform, so does not support devices that might be supported on a standard Win2k build!

I would look at getting that card which was mentioned earlier in the thread. I am sure that will solve your issue!



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Re: MOH Fixed Audio Source Configuration CCM 4.1

Hello everybody,

I've fix "the problem". I have just changed the sound card with a C-Media sound card. Now it's working fine; the MOH fixed audio source is Line-In port of the sound card in which the head phones of a radio box are fixed.

Thank you all!

Just remember that if you have a C-Media Sound Card thrown somewhere, you can use it as a fixed MOH audio source in CCM 4.1.



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