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MoH for CCME playing like a broken record

Hoping if anyone has experienced the following problem:

When users are put on hold they hear the MoH music, however the audio stream is choppy and sounds like a broken record.

I found a similar problem/bug with CCM -"CSCdw08442: Music on Hold live audio source skips like a broken record." , however I cannot find any documentation refering to this as a bug/problem on CCME.

My understanding is that this is caused by a buffer issue i.e. the input buffer overrun or full. My audio stream is local on the CCME platform, is there a way to restart the audio stream without reloading the whole platform?

I am running CCME version 3.3. The MoH telephony service configuration is:


load 7960-7940 P00305000600

load 7914 S00103020002

load ATA ATA030100SCCP040211A

load 7970 TERM70.6-0-3SR1S

max-ephones 36

max-dn 144

max-redirect 8

timeouts interdigit 6

timeouts ringing 18

sdspfarm units 1

sdspfarm transcode sessions 5

sdspfarm tag 1 FREM-XCODE

date-format dd-mm-yy

create cnf-files version-stamp 7960 Oct 10 2005 05:45:22

extension-pattern 2..

voicemail 299

max-conferences 16 gain -6


multicast moh port 2000

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: MoH for CCME playing like a broken record

We are having the same problem, and it is strange because if you place the call on hold the music sounds like a broken record but if you try to resume the call and then place the call on hold again sometimes the music sounds perfect. It just work fine a very few times but it do.

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Re: MoH for CCME playing like a broken record

Have you found a solution for this yet?


Re: MoH for CCME playing like a broken record

A few questions:

1. You have auto-QoS configured on all voice ports on the switch (this is a Cisco switch, right?)

2. You have a service-policy on the fast ethernet mapping L3 DSCP to L2 COS?

3. You have 'route-cache same-interface' configured on the fast ethernet or vlan interface?

4. Your switch is actually CONFIGURED to use multicast? Otherwise the traffic is broadcast to all ports and WILL flood (see note 1).

5. I believe the release notes are pretty clear that you can't use any 239 multicast IPs for MOH since this conflicts with many features (ospf, eigrp, hsrp, vrrp, glbp, etc.).

6. What version of IOS on what router running which version of CME (3.3.what)?

7. Send a show version so I can see the memory, feature set, router hardware, bootrom, io-mem size, etc.

8. What is the sdspfarm used for? Why transcode at all?

9. Are the voice calls only local to the router or is there voip (sip/h323) dial-peer to remote systems?

10. Are the analog voice ports in the same router?

11. Do you have voice-service voip configured with any allow-connections configured? i.e. allow connections h323 to h323?

12. Any loopback DNs configured?

13. Do you have the latest phone loads for the phones?

14. What are the model numbers of the phones (they are Cisco hardware phones, right?) If multiple types does this effect all types?

Seen a bunch of MOH multicast problems, one of the above (or multiple) is most likely your culprit.

Does this work with unicast MOH? i.e. remove the multicast moh statement...

Let me know...

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