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MOH Message Problems

We are running CCM 3.2. Recently we had a company professionally record a CD for us. It sounds great until I Drop it into Call Manger and the file gets converted. The Music saounds fine, but the speakers voice is Very lispy. It's very annoying. Does anyone have ideas of what I can do. Sorry, kind of new to posting, please let me know of further needed information.

Thank-You much,


New Member

Re: MOH Message Problems

Hello Ryan:

Where you running a MOH audio feed before the new CD was created? How did it sound. Same issue?

I suggest that you look under the Enterprize Parms and select IP Steaming. You may need to select more that one CODEC to support on your MOH server. Maybe you have g29 slected. That would make any music sound like....A second thing is the the DB level of the file. You can change the level a gain on the MOH file only during the time that the file is being converted to a audio stream the server can use. Under the same IP Streaming setting listed above you can change the volume. Then copy the file back into the "DropMOHfileshere" folder. Then go to the audio source and "Update". The system will prompt you with a message box that tells you a newer version of the file on the system.

Let us know.



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