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New Member

MOH not working?

I have uploaded a wav file to the upload folder....the CCM converted it as expected...i went into CCM Admin and assigned it a stream number....went under the phone and set the phone to play that hold music for both user an network hold...but all i hear is the standard double beep with dead air...any ideas??



Re: MOH not working?


Do you have MRG, MRGLs defined ? Also have you enabled any multicasting for audio source/ server ? Are the two phones in question in same region, different region ?

Here is how MOH works with MRG/MRGLs defined.

Phone A calls Phone B. A puts B on hold, A tells callmanager to play his user hold music, which should be the file that you just uploaded. Now Phone B looks up his MRGL and see if he has access to a MOH server. If B doesnt have access to a MOH server, he would hear Tone on hold. This is the same case with B (being a phone in my example) replaced with a Gateway. PSTN users will hear tone on hold, if the gateway is not configured with a MRGL.

So I would check B's device pool or device config and make sure the mrgl configured has access to MOH server.

Also, Make sure you have a MRGL configured under the gateway. Gateways doesnt use MRGLs defined at device pool level. (Phones do)



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New Member

Re: MOH not working?


Thanks for your post!

I do have an MRG and MRGL configured...the MRGL is set on the Gateway to PSTN and Phone/device pool....yet when i call into the system from outside and put the outside caller on hold i still just here hold tone...any other ideas? Multicast on hold is enabled for the server and for the stream..

Re: MOH not working?

You do need to make sure you have configured the MRGL on the devices, and the MRGL needs to contain the MOH source.

Also, if you have your MRGL set up as a multicast, and you haven't set up multicast routing in your network, you may have issues. You can do some testing by disabling multicast routing so that it all goes as unicast streams as well.

New Member

Re: MOH not working?

The MRGL is setup on the phone, the device pool, and the gateway...the MRGL contains my MRG which contains my MOH server...ip multicast routing is enabled and functioning...

anyone have any other ideas??

Re: MOH not working?

Shaun, is the server, the phones in question all in same vlan or are they in different vlans. Have you also enabled PIM sparse or dense mode ? Also make sure in the MOH server, the hop count has been set high enough so that multicast traffic may cross layer 3 boundaries..

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