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MOH problems

I need help. Ok...I've configured MOH successfully on a test cm with no problems. Now, I've replicated the configuration on my production cm and it JUST WILL NOT WORK. I've configured the audio source, configured the server, configured the media resource group/list and applied it to the device pool. Restarted IP media streaming service. Nothing. I've compared my perfmon stats to the functioning MOH and they are identical. Any suggestions?

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Re: MOH problems

Are you using regions? Do you have the MOH configured in the correct region? Have the Gateways/Device Pools/Phones been setup to use the media resource group/list that the MOGH server is in?

Just some thoughts.

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Re: MOH problems

I'm not sure what you mean by having the MOH configured in the correct region? There is not an option for me to setup MOH in a specific region. But if I read into your question, the service parameters are set to use g711ulaw, as well as all of my phones/gateways.

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Re: MOH problems

The region setting for the MOH server is defined by which device pool it's in. If you are set to use G.711 then maybe it's something else.

Which version of CM3.1 are you using?

Also, are any of your devices in a Location other than the Location?

Are you trying to use a wav file or a fixed audio source?

Have you tried clicking the Reset MOH Servers button under Device -> Music On Hold?

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Re: MOH problems

Thanks for your replies. The problem exists with a caveat (call admission control). I removed the location and MOH works perfectly. But I need the locations configured. I downloaded 3.1(2a) off of CCO. Release notes say its fixed!!! Thanks again.

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