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MOH settings heirarchy

I saw a page once that described the heirarchy for MOH source settings. Line settings override phone settings which override device pool settings, etc. but I cannot seem to find that page now. I have a system where I need to disable MOH for just the remote sites. Anybody know where I could find that information?

Cisco Employee

Re: MOH settings heirarchy

Not sure if I know the doc you are talking about but I do know the heirarchy.

Listed in order of priority.



Device Pool

System Wide Service Parameter.

Then for the Media Resource Group List (This is probably how you are going to disable MOH for a remote site. Create a MRG and put that in a MRGL.

Don't all the remote site to access the MRGL with the MOH resources in it.

MRGL can be assigned at the Device and Device pool levels.

Hope this helps,


New Member

Re: MOH settings heirarchy

So if you go under Service Parameters -> Cisco CallManager and set the DefaultUserHoldMOHAudioSourceID and DefaultNetworkHoldMOHAudioSourceID values to "0", this will disable MOH for the entire cluster, correct? Then I could go under the one device pool where MOH should be enabled and turn it on there, right?

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