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MOH Streaming


We have setup MOH Multicast Streaming on CCM 3.1 and basically I need to stream to continually play in a loop if callers are on hold or not,

I realise that CCM MOH streams shut down if not used, I'm not sure if you can do this and also if it has an effect on the CCM resources if the stream continually plays wether or not callers are on hold,

The reason we need to do this is because we have a 4 min message stream in a callcentre and don't want the regular callers just to hear the start of the message every time they call and are put on hold. Is there a timer value we can set on CCM to stop shutting down the stream after the first person is put on hold and taken off?

Cheers for you assistance.

Cisco Employee

Re: MOH Streaming

Phil, if a source stream has the Multicast option selected, the data source is automatically played in a continuous loop, because the MOH server does not know when devices are connected to the Multicast points. The MOH server makes the assumption that someone is always connected to the MOH Multicast point. If the Multicast option is not selceted but the source stream is configured to play in a continuous loop, the music source is only played when output streams are connected to the audio source stream.


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Re: MOH Streaming

Thanks for the explaination, this works perfectly as required.

Thanks Again

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Re: MOH Streaming

Wow..I have the EXACT same question? Anyone have a way to keep the MOH MCast stream running constantnly? (Short of leaving a call on hold ALL the time). Tired of our holdees hearing the beginning of the stream....let them start listening in the middle or towards the end.

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