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MOH to remote branch


i have a centralised ccm (4.1) and three branches. using mgcp. i have MOH configured and working properly at head-office but cant seem to get it working at te branches. when i place a call on hold i get dead air. not even a TOH. when i do a sh ccm-manager music-on-hold

im seeing the active connection, BUT, in the packets in/out field, its zero. can anyone point me to what might be causing this?........all systems passing through checkpoint firewall and im using multicast moh , by ip address.


Re: MOH to remote branch

One option in this scenario is to let your remote office routers stream music on hold for their locations so you avoid passing through the firewall and consuming WAN bandwidth. Take a look at the following link.

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Re: MOH to remote branch

You may want to take a look at how you have your Regions set-up. You may have a codec/transcending issue.


Re: MOH to remote branch

Had only one region specified with G711.

under service parameters i selected both values 711 and 729 to ensure both codecs are selected. i dont think i need to setup transcoding services for that.

but when i do the show ccm-manager music-on-hold

it shows the codec that is being used. shows session active and using g711 codec.

Re: MOH to remote branch

Be aware that depending on how you have configured your MoH audio source, will determine what you need to configure for pass-through on the FW.

For example, you can configure MoH to increment either by IP address or by Port, therefore depending on the codec preference the base IP address or Port will increment.

Also have you confirmed through Perfmon that an MMoH resource is active and not Unicast? also is the number of hops configured on the source adequate?


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