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New Member

MOH with Cisco IOS

I have a 1760 router running as a H323 gateway. I am trying to run multicast MOH where the router stream the MOH to the IP phones and PSTN users. I am following a Cisco documentation for setting this up, but the command

ccm-manager music-on-hold is not available with the IOS Cisco recommended to use. The IOS is 12.2.15ZJ3.

Could someone confirm whether multicast MOH is supported with Cisco 1760 or is this command use for MGCP gateway.


Re: MOH with Cisco IOS

The 1760 supports the multicast MOH feature with CallManager, Not sure why you donot have the command (ccm-manager music-on-hold). I would think that even though multicast MOH w/CCM is supported (CCM being the source of multicast MOH), IOS MOH is not supported (ie, the 1760 itself being a multicast source/proxy for the CCM). :??

New Member

Re: MOH with Cisco IOS

I do not know whether the 1760 supports this function. I would however recommend to folks that they start using 12.3.4T3 instead of ZJ3.

New Member

Re: MOH with Cisco IOS

Hi there,

had the same problem.

I'm in front of my 1751 (same as 1760) now running 12.3.4T3 (c1700-sv8y7-mz.123-4.T3.bin) and the command "ccm-manager music-on-hold" is there.

good luck!

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