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Monitor channels in use with RTMT

Is there a way to setup an RTMT alert when x number of channels on a T1 or PRI are in use?

As an example, I have 3 T1s that are directed through my MGCP gateway to external IVR units, depending on DNIS they are directed to one of two route groups. Currently there are three inbound T1s and 5 outbound channels (3 are in one route group and 2 in the other route group). I realize that the inbound channels will fill up before the outbound channels will.

I would like to be notified when more than 20 channels on the inbound channel are in use.

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Re: Monitor channels in use with RTMT

Hi Doug,

You have probably answered this question by now but I thought I would respond just in case. If you "right click" on the window PRI Channels Active in RTMT that references the specific PRI you will be able to see Alert/Threshold>Trigger Alert>Over/under value. Set this to over/20 and enable the email notification.

Hope this helps!


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