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Move Unity server

I need to replace the hardware on my unity server. Is there any documentation on moving the server?<br><br>


Re: Move Unity server

You're not really moving your server, right? You just need to do a full backup and restore it onto a new hardware platform, correct? Or are you also moving Exchange site/orgs?

If it's just a backup and restore onto a new box, we do have tape backup/restore instructions based on BackupExec, however there's nothing special about Unity in this regard. You can use any good, Exchange aware backup package and backup the entire HD, registry, exchange directory and message store and drop it onto a new box.

Most of your issues are Exchange specific (i.e. if the server is in a larger Exchnage site, the restore process has some steps to insert the new server back into the site and get everything synced up again). There's nothing Unity specific you need to be concerned with here as long as you get the entire hard drive we're on as mentioned above.

you'll find the BackupExec instructions (which are specific to a stand alone box backup/restore... we expect folks who have a larger Exchange site installed to know how to backup and restore their own Exchange servers) can be found in the readme file under the Documentation directory on CD #1 of the Unity 2.4.6 set.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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