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Moving from Unity to NEC AD-120

I am curious if this possible scenario will work in a transition from an existing Unity (2.4 version) to a new NEC AD-120 ( version). Suppose that the Unity box is in an existing Exchange Site. First we move all of the subscriber mailboxes over to another Exchange Server in the Site. Next, we us the Call Handler Import/Export Utility from this website. Next, we flatten and rebuild the server with NEC AD-120 (clean install). Will the Call Handler Import Utility, and the move of the Exchange (Subscriber) mailboxes (knowing that they both started from a Unity Server) work when bringing them over to a newly installed NEC AD-120?<br><br>

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Re: Moving from Unity to NEC AD-120

I think this should work as it is the same base software.
This has not been verfied though. Also check with the NEC TAC to make sure that they will support the system if it goes down.
Or else, you will be left with no option but to reinstall Unity and import all the subscribers back in.
As always, have a backup of your servers in case you have to return back to original.


Re: Moving from Unity to NEC AD-120

Be aware that the call handler import/export has received no QA testing at all (as opposed to the Full Import/Export which is shipping as part of the 3.0 release). TAC will not support you on this one so be sure to have good backups if this is the direction you want to go.

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