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Moving IPCC express server to another cluster

We are consolidating a three cluster environment to a single cluster. To accomplish this we have to move a live and active IPCC express server from one cluster to another. We will be changing IP address and I know there is a program on the IPCC server to accomplish this but my question is about DC directory. Because will we be using a new CCM Publisher and DC directory will I need to re-install the IPCC server and upload the prompts and scripts I am currently using to the new directory or will I just have to reinitialize the repository in the IPCC configuration with the new CCM IP address? If I have to do this will I lose the scripts and prompts I have added?




Re: Moving IPCC express server to another cluster

Hi Dave,

You would loose all the configuration because it is stored in your old cluseter's repository profile.

There is no need to reinstall it. When your new cluster is ready, you would need to go to Server-> Configuration and Repository on your IPCCX server and re-run the setup. It will create a fresh profile in the DC Directory. Again, all your configuration would be lost. For instance, you would need to reconfigure JTAPI, ICD and Media subsystems, upload your scripts again, add application and triggers.

See it as a new installation with prompts and scripts already available for use.

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