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Moving .STM Greeting Files

Is is possible to convert the .STM greeting files(Unity 2.4.6) into wav format so I can import them into the AutoAttendant for CallManager 3.12? We use both auto attendants and would like for them both to match without having to record everything over again.<br><br>


Re: Moving .STM Greeting Files

ah... I couldn't tell from your 3.x forum post but I take it by this post you're not at 3.0 ;->

As I mentioned on the other forum I don't have a snappy utility to convert a standing STM file but I do have code lying around to convert a stream file out of the DOH into a WAV file on a hard drive. I could pretty easily dump this into a simple utility that would just allow you to pick a call handler or user and it'd dump out their WAV files for you to do with what you want. I have a couple other apps on deck I gotta get done first, however. Not sure what kind of time crunch you're working under.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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Re: Moving .STM Greeting Files

Thanks, a utility like that would definitely help. I am not in a serious crunch for time, but since we have no immediate plans to go to Unity 3.x it's something I could really use.

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