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Moving to new hardware and upgrading from 3.1(5) to 4.0. How?

I have Unity 3.1(5) currently running with Exchange 2000, and CM 3.3(3). I want to upgrade to 4.0, and I need to move to new hardware (I'm on a MCS, moving to an IBM). I have a failover server for the new hardware, along with all necessary Unity failover licensing.

What is the best migration path? Should I upgrade the current system to 4.0 first? I'd prefer to put 4.0 on my new server, then use DiRT or something like it to move my subscribers directly from 3.1(5) on the MCS to the new hardware and 4.0. We have things locked down pretty tight, and have encountered difficulty with AD permissions when trying to install 4.0 (I restored back to my saved 3.1(5)).


Re: Moving to new hardware and upgrading from 3.1(5) to 4.0. How

For you I would get your new 4.0 failover pair up and running first because of your permissions woes.

The permission which we use for 4.0(3) are actually much more limited that what we used in the 3.X line. I highly recommend creating new accounts for Unity to use and letting the permissions wizard do its thing.

Once you 4.0(3) pair is up and running you need to upgrade the 3.1(5) server to 4.0(3), backup with DiRT (users the latest versions), shutdown the old server and restore with DiRT to the new.

Hope this helps...


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