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Moving Unity to a bigger box

I have got a stand-alone Unity server. The customer wants to change the server. What is the best way to store the voice messages, User greetings and all the personal phone settings and restore them in the new server?<br>Two cases<br>1- If we go with unified messaging(all the mailboxes already exist) <br>2- Just go with stand alone on a bigger server(all the mailboxes need to be created)<br>Thanx <br><br><br>Sean Poure<br>NEC-Voice Engineering<br>Sr. Systems Engineer<br>714 4846275<br>

Sean Poure

Re: Moving Unity to a bigger box

Hey Sean.

Any reason you can't do a full system backup of the box and restore it onto a new box? For a POV install this should be doable, right?

Another option if you have a stand alone box (I’m assuming POV here, not an “all in one” UM config) you want to upgrade, you can use my Export/Import tool to get all Unity information (including greetings, voice names and the like) and port it to a new box. This gets everything but does NOT get user messages. You’ll have to export information to PST files and import them.

We’ve done a few of these types of upgrades recently using this tool and it works reasonably well. Normally they will install a 2nd Unity server on bigger/better hardware, install Unity, import the data from the running server and then leave a few lines going into the old Unity server for folks to check messages before “retiring” it. This is nice since you have a backup should something go wrong with the new box at cut over time and you don’t have to port all the messages over… just leave it there until folks have gotten their messages out of it.

In your situation, that’s probably the direction I’d go…

If you're interested in using the Import/Export let me know and I'll email it to you. I still haven't put it on my web page because of goofy little issues with UM imports at this point and I'm a little scared to drop it out there into the public domain until I've seen it work smoothly on lots of UM sites in the field. POV is pretty easy and safe, however…

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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