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MTP/DSP Discovery Process by CallManager

When using WS-X6608-T1 as DSP resources, we can configure each port using DHCP - dynamic IP address, or static IP addresses. But on CallManager, the only information it needs about DSP port is its MAC add of individual port. What is the process of CallManager to locate DSP resources?

Is the TFTP address doing all the magic?


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Re: MTP/DSP Discovery Process by CallManager

That's pretty much all you need to do.

One way to verify it, is by going to the switch apply the show port x

(x-slot number) command.

Under the ports that are configured for conferencing you'll see,

the status of the port should be enabled, it will not show the speed and the type should show Conf Bridge.

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Re: MTP/DSP Discovery Process by CallManager

Thanks for reply. But my question is how the CallManager knows what DSP resource it should be talking to by MAC address only. Apparently, CallManager does not know the IP address that DSP resource get dynamically via DHCP.

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Re: MTP/DSP Discovery Process by CallManager


Like the previous answer said, You have all you need. The module gets an IP address via dhcp before registering with call manager.

The module requires an IP address to register with Cisco CallManager in its domain, and is managed by Cisco CallManager. The module software is downloaded from a TFTP server.

Depending upon which software you download, the ports can serve as T1/E1 interfaces or the ports will support transcoding and conferencing.

Hope it helps



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