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Multi-sites paging

Hi Gurus,

Did anybody implemented InformaCast paging sucessfully for multi-sites over FR or MPLS? I mean a InformaCast server only in Central site, can remote site do paging? Thanks.


Re: Multi-sites paging

not berbee but another paging application for two sites, head office and an associated branch. Multicast is the main concern as this is required to work and i dont think berbee should be much different.

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Re: Multi-sites paging


Can you post the application name /website you mentioned? thanks.


Re: Multi-sites paging

sure thing

Remember you still need to have multicast working

hope this helps


Re: Multi-sites paging

I recently was involved with a Cistera paging solution and one of the biggest hangups I had with centralized IP Paging solution in general was the need for multicast to be enabled in particular across the WAN when many times not supported over MPLS yet.

What I realized recently was that with a slight tweak to the Cistera Server configuration you could have one Cistera Server at central site and have remote location B phones page other phones at remote location B. In essence the phone doing the paging and the phones being paged had to be in the same vlan or on vlans with multicast enabled on the same LAN. This still does not solve a problem where a phone across the WAN can page another phone without multicast but for the majority of my customers paging is only important local to the site.

Just thought I would share those thoughts.

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Re: Multi-sites paging

Are you looking to page out over the speaker of each IP phone, or over loud speakers?

In our facility, we use just the features built into call manager. I have built a partition called paging. I added that partition to the appropriate calling search spaces, and created a dn #10. I attached the #10 dn to a fxs port at the gateway, which I connected to a Bogen UTI-1 ( This was connected to a series of loud speakers through the paging environment.

I would think that you could do something similar by creating a DN on each persons phone with the config of auto answer speakerphone. then, when you dial that access number, it would pick up all lines on speaker. (Kind of powerful, be careful and test before deploying globally).

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Re: Multi-sites paging

Absolutely, you have two options:

1. check with service provider if they support multicast over MPLS, most of them dont

2. Implement GRE tunnet between the sites and encapsulate multicast traffic in the tunnel.



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