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Multidirectory.asp for corporate directory and AD


I'm trying to search our Active Directory and Corporate directory. I'm using the multidirectory.asp file from the SDK kit.

I installed the ldapsearch and xml on my pc which is now running iis (Win 2000).

Everytime I try to search the callmanager directory i receive an HTML error 500 on the cisco phone 7940. As i'm not so good in scripting i guess there is something wrong the way i'm trying to access the ldap on the callmanager

The line in the multidirectory which I changed is

var dirs = new Array();

dirs[0] = new Directory("Corporate Directory", "<ip address cisco callmanager>", "ou=users,", "8404", "cn=Directory Manager,", "<password>", "");

ps : <ip address> and <password> are not the data in the script but recording to our organization.

Is this incorrect or is there something which i'm forgot to change... Or maybe something I didn't do.

I made also a copy of the xmldirectory.asp on the cisco callmanager from where i'm accessing this script on the other webserver.

If this step is working, I want to add a new line in the array to call the AD in windows. If all is complete the script will search in corporate directory and AD.

Please advise as i can't find a solution neither googling and cisco searching...


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Re: Multidirectory.asp for corporate directory and AD

Did you ever get this to work? I'm battling the very same problem right now.

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Re: Multidirectory.asp for corporate directory and AD

No didn't manage this to work. i wrote an vbs file to export the AD. With LDIFDE i do a nightly import into the DC Directory. With an adjusted xml script i read the DC directory together with LDAPSearchCOMSERVER 1.0. I'm not sure this is supported but it works

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