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Multiple appearance and message key

Unity 3.1(5) CM 3.2(2c). Phone A has extension 1000 and appearance of 1001, subscriber with 1000, no alternate extension. Phone B has extension 1001 only with subscriber 1001, no alternate ext.. If there's a message in subscriber 1001, there's a light on phone 1001 and an enveloppe beside line 1001 on phone A. If phone A press message key, call goes to subscriber 1001 if no message on subscriber 1000. Is it a product intent? Can we force to always go to mailbox 1000? (I must admit that for some other customer this would be ok)

Problem: If there's a call in mailbox 1001 and both mailbox has not been initialise, if phone A press message, goes to mailbox 1001 and initialise mailbox 1001 instead of 1000. Thank you in advance!


Re: Multiple appearance and message key

This is how it is designed to work today:

When a user presses the "Messages" button on a 79xx phone, the telephone firmware scans through all of its defined DNs, looking for a DN with the message icon set. (This normally appears as an envelope symbol next to the line number on the display.) If any of the DN appearances on the phone have the message icon set, the phone will then call the Voice Mail machine using the last line with a message. (If no message icons are set, the phone will call using the first DN appearance.)

There are plans to change the way that this works but nothing committed as far as I know. You might want to contact your account team to get status on the change. You should reference CSCds51126.



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