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Multiple CME Scenario Help


I am new to IP Telephony and have been experimenting a bit with some new equipment which my company bought. So far I have succeeded installing CME on both 2801 and 2811 routers. I also have CME 4 on both of them and have 7960,7970,7920 and 7095 phones working ok.

We have two offices connected through a 1024kbit ADSL connection. We want to install one router in each office and be able to link both CME's so that when a certain range of numbers is dialed, it is either sent to the other office or kept locally. We also need to interface with a normal PABX (through a couple FXO interfaces)in one of the offices and it should be possible to call numbers to this PABX from both sites.

Can someone please guide me through the process of doing this, as I could not find scenarios like this on the net.


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Re: Multiple CME Scenario Help

To point to another CME you can simply create a voip dial-peer, for example assume that phone DN 1000 needs to reach phone DN 2000 at another CME, then you creatre dial-peer

dial-peer voice 1 voip

detination-pattern 2...

voice-class codec 1

session target ipv4: <- ip address of remote CME

no vad

assuming that the ip routing is configured correcrtly.

When phone 1000 dials another phone registered to the same CME i.e. 1001 then there are internal dial-peers defined to accomlish the routing and no additional configuration is necessary.




Re: Multiple CME Scenario Help

On the PABX end as well, if interconnecting with FXO then they (pbx persons) need to provide lines (extensions) to you router . these lines will obviously be lines providing dial tone. you need to create POTS and VOIP dial peers for connectivity to the PABX. the PABX also needs to configure codes to ensure that when PBX users dials and extension of the cme phone, it routes to the available line on the FXO. it will then match your digits and use the voip peer to go to the cme system which will then direct the call accordingly.

on the cme you do the same, and create pot peers to associate with each FXO. therefore if your PBX extensions have a range say 2XXX, the create a pots peer to associate this. forward all digits. so when the ip phone dials, it will match this pots peer and send all digits straight to the PBX. the pbx will then do its processing as CME did.

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