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Multiple Corporate Directories based on DP CM 4.0

We have a sister company and I want to create seperate Corporate Directories based on device pool or css on Callmanager 4.0


Re: Multiple Corporate Directories based on DP CM 4.0


You cannot set the corporate directory at a Device Pool level, only Enterprise Parameters for affecting multiple phones. At the user level you can assign a directory url per phone. You can bulk these settings to a phone via the device pool search in BAT. The negative to this is that phones could be added later without the correct information. Also this setup requires two LDAP servers configured with your user information or a common one with some default search base configured differently in the ASP pages. You would need to copy and adjust the original corporate directory asp pages to accomodate the two different LDAP stores or LDAP configuration. The appropriate page would be referenced by the appropriate user group. Example User Group A phones would be configured with http://webserver/CCMCIP/xmldirectoryGroupA.asp and User Group B Phones would be configured with http://webserver/CCMCIP/xmldirectoryGroupB.asp. Your CCM would still be integrated to one LDAP store (DCD, AD, etc.) but your directory services would use a different LDAP.

If you do this then I would recommend you set your standard directories enterprise parameter to a web page that says the users directory is not configured. That way if a new phone is added without a directory the user would get a friendly page that tells them to call the help desk to get the correct corporate directory setup.

Here is the link describing just directory access via HTTP.

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