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Multiple Corporate Directories

I am trying to get when a user pushes the Directory button on a 7940/60 option 4 to Say US Directory and also to have an option 5 to say India Directory (instead of Corporate Directory). The option 4 goes to the local Call Manager Cluster while the option 5 goes to the corporate directory that is on a seperate cluster in India.

I am hoping this is posible, but I really have no Idea how to go about it. I am not an XML or ASP scripter by any strech of the imagination but I tried to go in there and Edit the xmldirectory.asp but it does not seem to be working the way I want.

Does anyone have a sample script that I can just put in place of that xmldirectory.asp file and change a few IP addresses and passwords and everything will work fine?

Thanks for any assitance


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Re: Multiple Corporate Directories

Check out for the corporate directory free service.


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Re: Multiple Corporate Directories

Ah in the SDK there is an ASP file that is called Multidirectory that hopefully does just what I want. It looks like all I have to do is edit the file and replace the xmldirectory.asp file.

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Re: Multiple Corporate Directories

Ok that appears to be doing what I want, I now have

ALL Directories Search

US Directory

India Directory

When I select Directory on the phone

I pick one of them I get the

First Name

Last Name


However when I type a name in there I get

HTTP Error [500]!

I have the Call Manager server listed in the DNS and the phones have the DNS server entry.

In the Multidirectory.asp I only edited thes one area where is says "define the directory below" So I added my two Call Manager Clusters there

I used the Directory Manager log on and that password, which I checked by logging into the DC Directory Admin to make sure is works

Any Ideas



Re: Multiple Corporate Directories

Did you register the ldapsearch COM component?

You could try that and see if that helps. The component (LDAPSearch.dll) and instructions for registering it (readme.txt) can be found in CiscoIPServices\COMServers\LDAPSearch

If that doesn't work, is there a more specific error, such as "security violation" returned?

Also note that there is a newer version of the IP Phone SDK for CallManager 4.1. That probably won't be an issue for the multidirectory app, but there is a newer version of the ldapsearch COM component. Just FYI.

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