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New Member

Multiple Lines same DN and Attendant Console

Hello everyone,

I have been trying to figure a way to do multiple Line apperance with same Dn.

AND have the same in attendant console 1.2.1

I have set-up the phone following this example outlined in this cisco doc.

It all works well for the phone but when you want to run

Attendant Console 1.2.1

an error occurs where by the programs assumes all the line apperances with same DN are shared Lines even though they are different lines different Partions and Calling search spaces in the Call Manger.

I have also tried putting different line apperances on the phone and changing the line text label so that all line buttons look as if the same DN is assigned to all the buttons. This works ok and Attendant console does not generate an shared line error but the Line test label associated with the line button do not show in the AC call control window.

The basic solution I'm looking for is where by a receptionist can look at the phone and have attendant console running and all line apperances have the same DN.

The (magic) behind the programming can be kept to us Nerds.

Simple but no solution yet.

Has anyone been able to do multiple line apperances with the same number on all lines and have attendant console work.

If so how was this accomplished.

Thank you in advance for any and all help on this matter.




Re: Multiple Lines same DN and Attendant Console

This does not work because CTI is not partition "aware". When it tries to control a DN, it does not know that they are in different partitions.

Re: Multiple Lines same DN and Attendant Console

Does anyone know if this (partition-aware CTI) is on the product roadmap? This is a common bump we run in to; everyone wants to do the same-DN-different-partition gimmick, but this breaks any and all apps that use CTI.



Re: Multiple Lines same DN and Attendant Console

We are going to do better. 4.0 will allow a single line to receive many calls, so you dont have to do the multiple-line trick anymore.

Re: Multiple Lines same DN and Attendant Console

I have seen that on the CCM 4.0 roadmap before. Make sure my head is straight: This is still essentially Call Waiting, except with support for more than 2 calls on a DN. Thus, we will allow the following scenario:

1. User is on a call

2. Another call comes in, as Call Waiting

3. User takes new call, placing first call on hold

4. User needs to transfer call

5. Unlike pre-4.0, >2 calls per DN are allowed, thus

6. The user can successfully spawn a third call instance, thus successfully transferring the call


I presume that CTI will handle linestates properly, since they are all truly one DN at this point? The same-DN-different-partition gimmick "works" per se, but provides non-deterministic behavior to the end-user. Example:

1. User is on DN 1000/PA_INSIDE_1

2. CTI shows DN 1000 "in use"

3. Second call comes in to DN 1000/PA_INSIDE_1

4. Second call CFBs to DN 1000/PA_INSIDE_2

5. CTI shows DN 1000 "ringing"

6. User checks Caller ID on second call, realizes it is mother-in-law

7. User ignores second call, call goes to voicemail

8. CTI now reports DN 1000 as "idle", even though user is still on DN 1000/PA_INSIDE_1

I've actually not played with this with Call Waiting enabled, since right now, Call Waiting is not viable for a single one of my customers due to the shortcomings listed above. Will stacking >2 calls on a single DN with 4.0 eliminate the above issue I outline? I have been unsuccessful in getting in to CCM 4.0 EFTs, so if you have access to a CCM 4.0 box I would be curious what you find.



Re: Multiple Lines same DN and Attendant Console

Yes, you will be able to accept a whole bunch of calls (16 is the goal) and transfer them without a problem.

And AC will also be updated to support this new feature, so it will know that the call is another instance of the same line.

New Member

Re: Multiple Lines same DN and Attendant Console


I haven't been able to accomplish what you desire, but can tell you why you see what you are currently running into. The Cisco TCD does not percieve the concept of Partitions or CSSs. Because of this limitation, and until such a time as it is overcome, the DNs that are in a hunt-group that is used for the AC application must be unique in the system.



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