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Multiple Mailboxes on a shared extension

Running CCM 3.1(2C) and Unity 2.4.135: Can I use a single DID line and have it roll to Unity on busy/NA and have call handlers set up to send the caller to a particular mailbox that is not associated with a DID number. For example, if 10 people work in a lab environment with a single DID line into the lab can I have 10 phantom mailboxes reachable from that single DID line. The lack of MWI is not a concern. If so, is it as simple as creating a tree such as press 1 for John, press 2 for Sam, etc? And will I need to associate these non existent numbers to the users in CCM? <br><br>


Re: Multiple Mailboxes on a shared extension

This will work, and you have the idea. An easy way to do it is create a call handler that has an extension that mathces the DID number that will forward in to Unity. Then in that call handler have a greeting that prompts users for caller input options that will send them off to one of the subscriber's boxes. It is not necessary to associate these subscribers to CCM users.

Steve Olivier
Software Engineer
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