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Multiple PRI Protocol Types on 6608 Blade ?

Is there a known performance and/or a configuration issue with running multiple PRI Protocol Types on the same 6608 blade. We have two PRI's running to Qwest for local service configured with NI2, two going to WorldCom with DMS 250, and 4 going to an I3 CallCenter application also running NI2.

We have these circuits spread across 2 6608 blades in 6509's.

We're running 3.0(11) with Pub/Sub configuration.


Cisco Employee

Re: Multiple PRI Protocol Types on 6608 Blade ?

As far as configuration and performance this is not a problem. All the ISDN signaling is handled by CallManager, not on the 6608 blade itself.

What we have seen some problems in the past is tandem switching or forwarding calls between CallManager-controlled PRI circuits when different protocols are used for the 2 or more PRIs involved in the call. Due to differences between the protocols, some messages are valid for certain call states in one protocol but not for another.

New Member

Re: Multiple PRI Protocol Types on 6608 Blade ?

That is the exact situation which we are dealing with in this senario. We have inbound calls on an PRI configured with DMS250 being forwarded to a PRI configured with NI2.

What types of symptoms or problems could we anticipate with this?


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