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Multiple User Mailbox

Unity 4.03. CCM 3.3.3, ICM 5.

Have a request to supply a muliple user mailbox for VM only with MWI lit on the agent stations in a Call Centre group.

When a caller is queued in the Call Centre, the option is to leave a message. I can use Alternate Extensions (as here: but this has a limit of 9 unless I use the Call Routing Rule approach which will not light the MWI. We need more than 9.

Any suggestions?


Re: Multiple User Mailbox

Hello -

Here are a few options:

1. Create a distribution list that contains all of your agents. Set up the distribution list as an alternate recipient of the voicemail box to be shared. Each agent will get a copy of the voicemail message. That's the unfortunate part though, each agent must listen to the message, even if it's been handled already by another agent. I believe this option will still trigger MWI for each agent. A more elegant solution, if you had unified messaging, would be to have a single inbox that all of your agents have permissions to access. Then through Outlook add this mailbox to each person's view. It doesn't set MWI for each user, but from Outlook they can see a new voicemail message has arrived. We are using this method for our IPCC agents, when we give callers the option to leave the queue and leave vm instead.

2. Could a single alternate extension be shared amongst all agents on their phones? I know there are some Cisco applications like IPMA and Attendant Console that do not work with shared lines. I'm assuming you have defined a unique extension for each of your agents ... we use a non-routable number that is only dispatchable from IPCC - using the person's extension with a two-digit number in front to distinguish it from the agent's own personal extension.

Have to go back to work, but if I think of anything else, will update this forum entry.



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Re: Multiple User Mailbox

Thanks for the thoughts. My thinking has gone along the same lines. Agent logs in and script associates the station DN with the Agent ID. So Agent can be dialled via the Agent ID (which is picked up by ICM/IVR script and translated to the station they are logged in at).

Agent's station could have a second shared line purely to display Message indicator on the line (no MWI light). The line is not dialable - restricted via Partion/CSS, but can call the VM number to pick up messages. Script gives callers option to continue in the queue or forward to voice mail for the shared line.

I'm unable to have a VoiceMail licence for every agent. So this works fine if we have agents (handling the appropriate Queue) in fixed groups of stations with common shared second lines.

However agents may be distributed in alternate seats, so the only way I can see to group them (and provide a visual indication of VM on the second line) is by using Extension Mobility - which has its own challenges in the environment.

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