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Multiple users checking one mailbox

If I have serveral users checking one mailbox for messages, is there any report or other way to see which user checked the mailbox? This would be on a Unity Voice Mail only intergration with Call Manager.

Cisco Employee

Re: Multiple users checking one mailbox

I'm not sure how we'd know who the "Real" person was checking the messages - These folks are logging into the same mailbox using a single login and password over the phone, correct? Unity will log the name/identifier of the subscriber they identified themselves as but all users are authenticating with the same Id so I'm not real sure how we'd know to log something different.

Unless I'm missing something about your scenario?

Community Member

Re: Multiple users checking one mailbox

No, your not missing anything. I pretty much figured that was the answer, but needed a second opinion. If a mailbox was configured using alternate extensions, can a user login and check the box using an alternate extension? Could that be logged?

Cisco Employee

Re: Multiple users checking one mailbox

Yes, you can log in using any of the alternate extensions assigned to a subscirber, however the reports will only show that the subscirber logged in, not which ID they used to sign into the system.

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