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multiple vm users per extension

we have the same scenario previously discussed - setting up a call handler that has the extension number of a phone that multiple users share, and creating a menu to press a key to leave a message for a particular person.

This works great - but we ran into a snag when we try to tranfer a caller from the auto-attendant to that extension - it goes directly to the call handler instead of trying to ring the phone first.[I have the call handler set to tranfer to extension]

Any help would be appreciated - thanks....

Cisco Employee

Re: multiple vm users per extension

most common mistake I see here is the alternate transfer rule is enabled and set to not transfer - the altnerate rule over rides the standard and off hours rules. Make sure to configure the alternate rule as enabled and have it setup to do the transfer to avoid such problems.

Cisco Employee

Re: multiple vm users per extension

It's probably doing this because the Alternate transfer rule is in effect for that CallHandler (it's default that way, don't ask me why). You can change the alternate transfer rule to transfer out, or disable it and fall back to the standard rule.

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