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Music on Hold Alternatives

What are the alternatives to the out-of-the-box MOH solution? My bosses are not happy with the fact that they have to hear the begining of the hold music for every new caller.

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Re: Music on Hold Alternatives

There are a couple of different things to do. We had consultants set ours up so I will look up how to do both.

The first thing that you are looking for, it appears, is to have the music on hold constantly keep going and not have it start over at the beginning with each time the caller is put on hold. This is definately possible and one of the necessary modifications we had done here. The other thing may be to place diffeent music on hold files out there (at least put a file out there with your own music) to make it more friendly.

Both of these are documented somewhere on Cisco from what I have heard, but the real world config may be better.


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Re: Music on Hold Alternatives

The Telex USB Digital Audio device is an supported device (if you can get it) that you can use to pipe music from a CD player or radio. I'm not sure what internal sound cards are supported but this will be dependent on your CCM server. The configuration is pretty simple. Plug in the device and let Windows detect it. Use the sound recorder to verify the device is working. For the MOH audio source configure the fixed audio source device as "USB Audio Device" or whatever shows up as the windows audio device properties. You will then need to create a MOH server using the IP address of CCM server and again use USB Audio Device for fixed audio source device. You may have to reset the Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App and Cisco MOH Audio Translator service. Refer to and for more info.

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Re: Music on Hold Alternatives

the setting is under

Service-->Media Resource --> Music on hold Audio Source

Select the stream that you are playing the check the box

Play continuously (repeat) then at the bottom of the page click the "Reset MOH Servers" button to make the change effective. After that anyone going into hold picks up the stream from where it is currently in the track.

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