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Music On Hold - Difference between Device and Extension Setting?

The setting for Music on Hold appears on the device itself, and also on each individual extension (directory number). Why are there 2 places to over-ride the MOH defaults? If we want to change the MOH for all devices in our organization, we can change it on the device defaults page and updated all phones with that device. However, it does not change the individual extension settings, so in effect, none of the MOH has been changed. Because we set up the MOH on each individual extension (as well as the device), hold music has not changed. Is there any way to update the MOH setting everywhere, without going into each individual line? What is the correct setup on the lines (should it be NONE) to allow a mass update when needed?


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Re: Music On Hold - Difference between Device and Extension Sett

The MOH source settings can be set at the DN level, the Device level, the Device Pool level, and the system default level.

You have all these choices of where to set the MOH source so that you have the flexibility to pick a different MOH choice for one user vs. another, or for one line vs. another.

Personally, I set the MOH Source per Device Pool. Usually this is fine, if a specific phone in a Device Pool needs a different MOH choice then I set it at the Device level. I have never set the MOH choice at the DN level.

An easy way to modify the MOH selection if it's set at the Device level and DN level, is to use the BAT tool.


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