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Music on hold server question


Is it possible to run music from CD inserted to CM cd-rom drive?

Is it possible to have not only one music file(or song) connected to device....? I mean do not run the same song repeatedly but have for example few songs and if customer wait long time do not run the same thing..?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Music on hold server question

Yes, and yes.

If you want to use an audio CD in the CallManager CD-ROM drive, you need to install a sound card, and connect from the CD-ROM to the CD-ROM audio input on the sound card. According to the Release Notes at:

The recommended card is "Sound Blaster PCI 16"

If you want to use a different external source such as a radio broadcast or whatever, you can plug in that feed into the microphone or line input plug on the sound card.

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Re: Music on hold server question


Should it be

"Fixed Audio Source Device" - something like D: ?


And Thanks....for help... :-))

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Re: Music on hold server question

The MOH Fixed Audio Source Name can be whatever you want.

The MOH Fixed Audio Source Device would be the name of the sound card under Windows. Open the Control Panel and go to Sounds and Multimedia, go to the Audio tab. The preferred device has a name, that is the name exactly that you would use - including spaces, etc. when you configure the fixed audio source in CCMAdmin.

Then you need to select which input you want to use on the sound card. Open Volume Control. There should either be the normal volume icon in the systray, or you can try to find it in Accessories or run sndvol32.exe which normally gets installed when you install the sound card driver. Go to Properties and click Recording and hit OK. Then select the input you want to use, e.g. CD Player or Line in.

You may have to click Reset MOH Servers button in CCMAdmin under Service -> Music on Hold but it should work now.

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Re: Music on hold server question


I did all that you said.

Now I have Sound Blaster PCI 16... I installed CD Player and Volume Control.

Now I can play CD and hear music on Speakers (Attached to card).

By the way... name of device in Sound Multimedia and in Computer Management - is different

Sound Multimedia - Creative Sound Blaster AudioPCI

Computer Management - Creative Sound Blaster AudioPCI (WDM)

Then I put (tried both name)into

MOH Audio Source Configuration - for Fixed Audio Source

MOH Server configuration - Fixed Audio Source Device.

Reseted MOH Server.

Before this it worked with some sample.....

Now questions....Should I start play CD with CD Player..or SOH Servir swill do it?

What is wrong?

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Re: Music on hold server question

One more....

Should I configure Media Resource Group and Media Resource List?

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Re: Music on hold server question

Configure a Media Resource Group with the MOH server included, create a Media Resource Group List that points to that Group. Then on the Device Pool of all the devices that are being placed on hold, select that List you created.

The name for the device in Service -> Music on Hold that you should put is the one from Sounds and Multimedia -> Audio tab in the Control Panel.

Then click Reset MOH Servers.

Then open Volume Control and go to Properties, click Recording and hit OK. Then make sure that you select the correct input source, for example CD Player. I have found sometimes that it's best to reboot the MOH server at this point, but I don't think it's explicitly necessary.

Then open the CD Player program and play the CD. Then place a device in that device pool on hold.

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Re: Music on hold server question

So another words....

I should run CD player to play sound. If not I will not hear it?

Is it right?

THen see... I can hear music sample.

I configured Fixed Audio Source in Music on hold (Should I put this fixed name in MOH server configuration too or it is optional?).....

I can hear music in attached speakers .... I checked that if I take cable off - I do not hear music from spekers....

What is it?

And that you said about Volume Control Properties...

How it is connected to MOH..?..It is just controls for volume....

Could it be unicast or multicast? Or only malticast?

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Re: Music on hold server question

You should use unicast for now since not all gateway types support multicast, and only the 7910/40/60 phones support multicast.

You need to use Volume Control to select the correct input source and set the volume because the MOH Fixed Audio funtionality actually interfaces with the Windows sound subsystems to get the actual audio and make it into IP packets.

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Re: Music on hold server question

Did exactly you said...

Have Sample sond for Default Device Pool...

I can hear this music for all phones...

Then took device name from Control Panel Sounds And Multimedia (nor from device manage - theay are different).

Then configured Fixed Audio Source... If changed status from disabled to ready....

Put this fixed sound source to one phone.....

Call this phone, put it on hold and - nothing.... quiet....

If I turn on speakers - I can hear music...I run CD player.....

WHat I did wrong...?

Many times reset MOH server and start and stop services for streaming application... Not work...

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Re: Music on hold server question


Which gateway types do support multicast? Is multicast a supported option if I have compatible gateways at this time?


Tim Medley

Network Architect

VoIP Group


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Re: Music on hold server question

Right now, actually none of the gateways.

When 12.2(2)XN comes out on CCO for VG200, 2600, and 3600 platforms, Multicast MOH should work when using those gateways with that IOS version in MGCP mode only, which will work for analog FXS/FXO, T1/E1 ISDN PRI, and T1 CAS.

Other gateways, e.g. 6608, 4604, 4224, etc. will come later.

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Re: Music on hold server question

How can I troubleshoot it?

I can see UDP traffic from CM (MOH) to phone...

But do not hear sound....

And one more.... After I put MOH server to Media group, it stop work even with samples.....

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Re: Music on hold server question

I think at this point it would be wisest to go ahead and open a TAC case. Be prepared to provide CCM/CMS traces, as well as a sniffer trace.

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