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Music over Overhead paging

Is it possible to initiate playing music over an Valcom overhead paging by either dialing a DN or scheduling?



Re: Music over Overhead paging

it is possible to stream RTP to a paging system via dialing a DN that the paging system will answer.

basically, the paging system needs to be connected to CCM via an FXS. the FXS is configured with a DN. (of course this depends on if the paging system has the capability of such function; most do nowadays)

you can then dial the DN and stream MOH to it for example or use a third party application such as InformaCast or the likes to do it automatically.

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Re: Music over Overhead paging

depending on the model of valcom controller you have, it should have a background music input... the 2003 & 2006 controllers do, for instance. Connect the source to that & then put your source on a schedule/timer...

That way you're not tying up your paging port for the music -- you can still connect paging to the fxs or fxo port & when you page it will mute the music. If you connect your music into the system port (the fxs or fxo port, depending on model) -- you can't use the unit for paging while you're playing music, because the port is busy with the music...

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