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Muting Callers inbound Audio at the Gateway

I am trying to see if there is any customization that would allow a caller that was coming in over an IOS gateway on a PRI from the PSTN to mute their inbound audio but still hear other speakers. I have Cisco Confernce Connection and one of the more glaring omissions is the lack of caller ability to mute their audio if they are in a loud office or any other environment with a lot of background noise. I was hoping there might be a way to do this on the ruoter instead. Say if the caller presses a certain key sequence like *6 their inbound audio is muted and if they press it again they are unmuted.


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Re: Muting Callers inbound Audio at the Gateway

Going to guess you are running version 1.1. I have been told by a guest product development speaker at a Cisco sales dog and pony show that a new version is due out this year. The main point was the ablity to kick off and mute any person in the call. A lot of us get that request once we install the product. It is always nice to tell a customer that a major feature like you are asking for is not in the box....

That being typed....It was at a Cisco Sales drive.

Good luck....


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