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MWI across Call Manager partitions?

We have a number of sites that we will host from a single Call Manager.

Currently the MWI only works for phones in the same Partition/CSS as the Unity ports.

A single CSS will not work for us, as we need each site to be able to pass calls to their local PSTN. All phones are in the CSS that the Unity ports search. The partition hosting the Unity ports is also listed in the CSS for each site. Calls to voice mail from the phones work, and unanswered calls get directed to Unity. However only the phones in the same partition/CSS as Unity have their MWI light.

CM vers 3.1(3a)

Unity vers 3.1(5)


Re: MWI across Call Manager partitions?

Yes this can work.

The CSS assigned to the Unity ports must look into EVERY partition which you wish to light MWI for.


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Re: MWI across Call Manager partitions?

Each CSS has every partition included except the local PSTN partitions for each site. The phone that I am trying to turn the MWI on is in partition Irvine.

The Unity port is using CSS San Jose, which has both Irvine and San Jose partitions listed.

The MWI on phones in partition San Jose get toggled, but partition Irvine does

not. The configuration seems simple enough. I may start my creating a CSS just for the Unity ports that lists the partitions for just San Jose and Irvine Phones.

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Re: MWI across Call Manager partitions?

Did you ever get this working?

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