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MWI and Mailbox size issue

Hi all. Unity 2.46 full TAPI integration with CM here.

Got a user whose mailbox size on the SAWeb Admin reports as 0 KB no matter how much mail is in it. Also, his MWI won't light.

We've tried deleting and readding the subscriber from Unity, we've tried refreshing the MWI, resynching the MWI's at the switch. We've tried moving his mailbox around. Nothing is working. Any thoughts? Could this be related to a 5.5 custom attribute? Thanks!

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Re: MWI and Mailbox size issue

The mailbox size is retrieved by MAPI, so that wouldn't be any E55 custom attribute problem. I also wouldn't be sure if it's related to the MWI problem. Is the MWI problem only happening on one user? You had mentioned that the user's mailbox was moved around. On 2.4.6 and E55, if that's done without restarting Unity, it'll cause more harm than good. If Unity is restarted, does the problem go away? Is this user on a different Exchange server than other people that are working?

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Re: MWI and Mailbox size issue

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