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MWI and partitions

Hi there,

we have got a problem concerning MWI in conjunction with partitions. We are running CallManager 3.3(2) SPC, Cisco Unity (UM) 4.0.2, and Personal Assistant 1.3(?). As long as we have got everything in the <none> partition, everything runs just fine. The problem arises when we start using partitions, which we need to do use because of the PA. What we did is putting the IP Phones and the Unity VoiceMail Ports in the PA_Everyone partition while leaving the Message Waiting On/Off in the <none> partition. As soon as we did this change the MWI won't light up anymore when there is a new message. Any ideas? Please help!



Re: MWI and partitions

What CSS is assigned to the On/Off numbers? The CSS should include the IP phones.

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Re: MWI and partitions

To show our problem, we set up a test that is minimized on the relevant issues. In this test we didn’t include the Personal Assistant application, but instead focused on CallManager configuration in conjunction with Cisco Unity. The test setup is as follows:

There are two relevant Calling Search Spaces, CSSMNInternational and CSSVoiceMail. CSSMNInternational includes the PAllPhones and PVoiceMail partitions as well as partitions used by route pattern to use the PSTN. CSSVoiceMail includes the PAllPhones and PVoiceMail partitions.

For the test we used 3 IP Phones (7960), each of which is configured equally. In the Phone Configuration we chose CSSMNInternational as CSS. In the Directory Number Configuration we selected PAllPhones as partition and as CSS; Forward Busy and Forward no Answer have the CSSVoiceMail selected, Destination is the directory number 9500.

The DN 9500 is the VoiceMail Pilot Number for our Cisco Unity System. There is also Translation Pattern for the 9500. The Translation Pattern uses PVoiceMail as partition and CSSVoiceMail as CSS, and translates to DN 9501, our first VoiceMail Port. The Voice Mail Pilot Number uses CSSVoiceMail as CSS.

In our Voice Mail Ports under Device Information there is CSSVoiceMail selected as CSS; under Directory Number Information PVoiceMail is selected as partition, as CSS; under Call Forwarding Information CSSVoiceMail is selected at Forward Busy and Forward no Answer.

The DNs for the Message Waiting Indicator us PVoiceMail as partition and CSSVoiceMail as CSS.

The Service Parameter 'Multiple Tenant MWI Modes' is set to FALSE.

It's difficult to give a good description without using screen shots. I hope this description is somehow understandable :)



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Re: MWI and partitions


good news: we found the problem !!!

The problem was that we changed partitions and calling search spaces only for the first three voice mail ports while leaving the other 29 ports in the partition with no css assigned. At the same time on the Cisco Unity system only ports 26 and higher were set to Dial Out MWI. But these ports where not alloud to dial MWI On!

Now the MWI lights up when there is a new message.

Thanks everyone,


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