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MWI & Dummy DN's

We had set up a handful of " dummy dn's " on call manager so this school system could set-up Attendance Mailboxes where parents could leave their childs info if they were to be out. These ORIGINALLY were never intended to be a line appearance on a phone, but after some hemming & hawing, i was forced to add them.

Problem is the MWI is not lighting the lamp for these extension, when a message is left. The plan was for the secretaries to be notified of info in these boxes, so they wouldnt have to check at random intervals.

Is there a problem with MWI & dummy DN's? The MWI is working for the remainder of the district, just not these 5 boxes.

.... i feel like i live on this site


CCM 3.2.2c spD

Unity 3.1.3

ICS 7750

TSP 6.0.2

Exc2k on box

MWIOn / Off can be dialed from each phone to light / extinguish lamp

2 ports dedicated to MWI, 2 additional ports with MWI capabilities

16 port 400 seat

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Re: MWI & Dummy DN's

So the Dummy DNs are extra line appearances on phones? I think that you won't get the MWI lamp for non-primary line appearances; just a mail icon next to the number of the line appearance instead.

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Re: MWI & Dummy DN's

they're not even getting the vm envelope icon. I know they wont get the lamp, as they are not the primary DN - but they should get the envelope.

Here's an example:

7960 6 button set for secretary A

line 1 primary dn ( gets icon & a lamp )

2, 3 ( 2ndary line appearances ( get the VM icon)

line 4 = Secretary B ( gets VM icon )

Line 5 = Sec C (gets VM icon)

Line 6 = Dummy DN ( no lamp, no icon )

Line 6, forward all to VM, " Do not ring this line "

MWI Option in Unity set to ' X '

MWI on off can be dialed from phone

account set up using default sub template as were most

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Re: MWI & Dummy DN's

I see now. I'm not sure if this is expected behavior for CCM or not. Unity doesn't know the difference b/w a "real" or "dummy" extension. It's going to send the MWI request to CCM the same way for any type of extension. If there aren't any glaring error messages in the event log after Unity sends the MWI request for the Dummy extension, CCM is responding to the MWI request from Unity as if it were successful. If that is the case (no errors showing up), we might want to take this post to the CCM forum.

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Re: MWI & Dummy DN's

could this have something to do with the " do not ring this line " option? As in, will call manager not send ANYTHING if this option is checked? or is it limited to a ring only?

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Re: MWI & Dummy DN's

If you are referring to the Unity setting on the transfer page for a subscriber, that doesn't have anything to do with MWI or CCM, really. All that means is that if some one dials the DN inside Unity, the call will not be transferred from Unity to the phone, but will go to take a message instead.

If you are referring to "disable ring on this line" on the CCM admin for the phone, I'm not quite sure...we're more Unity specialists.

You could try this...

Go off-hook from the phone that has a "dummy DN" line appearance, and go off-hook on that "Dummy" appearance. Dial the MWI on DN. If that doesn't work, Unity won't be able to do it either. If you go-off hook on that appearance, dial the MWI on DN and it does not work, it might be a good idea to move the question to the forum that handles more specific CCM issues.

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Re: MWI & Dummy DN's

was referring to the "do not ring... " on CCM

will give the MWI thing a shot, and move from there


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